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February 07, 2008

Before voting in the presidential primaries in 2008, it's important to know where the candidates stand on essential mental health care issues. Do they support mental health parity -- requiring mental illnesses to be covered by insurance the same way as physical conditions? What about people who can't afford insurance, or those who cannot get insurance because of being diagnosed with a mental illness?

We will be following the top candidates in each party for their positions on health care as it relates to those with mental illnesses. This page will be updated if the ranking of candidates change and/or when a candidate announces a new or changed policy.

The Florida Primaries held on January 29th shook up the political landscape of the election.The next morning, January 30th, Jon Edwards announced his withdraw from the campaign; Rudy Giuliani withdrew that evening. John McCain, who was previously considered an underdog in the Republican race, led the pack into Super Tuesday on February 5th.

The candidates views on health insurance can be a major issue in the race.The results of the 22 state primaries held on Super Tuesday were definitive on the Republican side of the house with John McCain the front runner by a sizable margin. Subsequently Mitt Romney suspended his campaign on February 7th. Then there were two. Mike Huckabee is now calling for previous Romney supporters to back his race. The Democratic primaries clearly indicated one result – the race between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama will be a photo finish.

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