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December 01, 2004

Shopping for Health Insurance in California

For the first real entry to this blog, we're going to briefly discuss what you should be looking for when purchasing health insurance in California. The points discussed below are not exclusive to California residents only, and can be used by any American when purchasing Health Insurance.

Deciding which health insurance plan to purchase is not a universal decision, but rather a highly personal one involving considerations such as benefits and budgetary constraints.

Shopping for health insurance is a challenging process for any consumer. Since California is made up of so many diverse individuals with many different ways of life, it is important for all Californians to know what factors to consider when shopping for the health insurance that is right for their situation.

Whether you are a young person with a new job who has not been working long enough to qualify for benefits, a family man with several children whose employer does not offer insurance, a college student who is no longer eligible for coverage under their parents’ plan or a senior whose Medicare benefits are inadequate, or a self-employed individual, making sure you get the right coverage at the right price is very important. However, there is so much to consider it can be intimidating.

Before you begin looking for insurance, have a plan in place. Decide what type of coverage you need by asking yourself questions like:

Once you have thoroughly considered these issues, move on to your budget and decide how much you can realistically afford to pay for coverage. Remember, individual health insurance can be expensive; however, with the proper research and preparation, consumers can find the plan that is right for them.

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